Chris Packham's Birdwatching Guide: From Beginner to Birder

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Chris Packham's Birdwatching Guide: From Beginner to Birder

Author: Chris Packham
160 pages
Publication date: 7th March 2024

Chris Packham's infectious passion for nature will inspire you on your birdwatching journey.

Chris is a lifelong birdwatcher and the perfect guide on a day out bird spotting. Through a series of chapters, he can build you from an absolute beginner exploring your own backyard, giving you tips and insights that he has gained from years of birdwatching.

Whether you are in a city or deep in the country, birds are guaranteed and provide an easy doorway into nature. Learn where, when, and how to look and what to look out for. Find out what equipment to buy and how to use it. Discover the different characters and characteristics of birds - from the shy bittern to the bold robin and gymnastic red kite.

As you build skills and experience, the book will help you expand horizons from walks with binoculars around your "local patch" to visiting remote wildlife reserves and other nature hotspots, with their contrasting birdlife and different demands, from dense woodland to expansive estuaries teeming with flocks of waders.

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